Duel (2016)

“It could easily happen that the present moment is the zero hour, and the zero hour can easily arrive at this moment.” Jamamoto Tsunetomo

A ceremonial dance performance in which the fighter spirited female activists of bodylotion co-dance peremptorily wait, land on their feet, dodge, confront and take themselves seriously.
Rock-solid faith, struggle, truth, fear, waiting, anger, revenge, conciliation?
In the new performance we examine the cultural and philosophical roots of dueling, look for its signs in today’s communication, while we are preparing for the “final decisive” battle.
What does it mean today to fight a duel and in what kind of everyday situations and personal conflicts does it appear?
What ideas, purposes, convictions represent the truth for us for which we fight today? How do we fight and why?

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Created and performed by: bodylotion co-dance / Virág Arany, Júlia Hadi
Consultant: Zsolt Végh
Music Consultant: Endre Vazul Mándli
Light: Orsolya Pete
Special thanks: András Juhász, Kata Kovács, Stephanie Maher, Tove Sahlin, Andor Zsótér

Supported by:
Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma, Nemzeti Kulturális Alap (, Műhely Alapítvány, pOnderosa e.V., SÍN Kulturális Központ
Production Partner: Katlan Csoport

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S t e p i n T i m e ! MAXI ! (2016)

A participative performance involving professionals and amateurs in public space. The piece is an extended version of bodylotion co-dance’s award-winning duet S t e p i n T i m e. Arany and Hadi investigate the sense of belonging to a group experienced in the current hype of the UEFA European Championship. Using Berlin’s inspiring cultural diversity, they invite people from all age-groups and cultural backgrounds to participate and explore the importance of acting collectively.

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Supporters: Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma
Production partner: Katlan Csoport

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BODYSCAPE: Dar Winners (2015)

The concept of the Bodyscape collective in the ‘Dar Winners’ creation process was to integrate movement, sound and visuals into an environment in which all three elements are created spontaneously, and influence each other continuously through constant interaction. The futuristic, vibrating universe created on stage is composed of multi-layered spaces, repetitive movements and hypnotic music, with themes inspired by cloning, virtual reality and transhumanism all reflecting our robotic, technology-ruled society.

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BODYSCAPE: Virág Arany (H) / Júlia Hadi (H) / Damien Pairon (Be) / Stephane Kozik (F/P)

Creators and performers:
Dance: Virág ARANY, Júlia HADI
Video: Damien PAIRON
Music: Stephane KOZIK
Text: Zsófia ZNAJKAY

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S t e p i n T i m e (2014) / Rudolf Laban Award Winner

Laudation Rudolf Laban Award

The girls build up a fragile structure on the stage, where concepts like dependence, freedom or space and time are uninterpretable because intellect is being replaced by a much more basic and honest existence. It is only this hard. Only this simple. Just like us…(László Fülöp)

They impose the eights strutted, like parading horses, softly, mysteriously, rhytmically, shaking their butts, and with exaggerated, mechanical movements. Impose them once with empty gaze, once catching the eye of the audience, or mischievously smiling at each other, one idea creating the next, until they suddenly collapse on the ground sweating and disheveled… (Csaba Králl)

I don‘t know when it happens, what role change plays in my life. Maybe the whole. Maybe life it is itself. I can‘t see it as I cannot hear the music in the crowd. But now I lie in wait really carefully, and observe. (Znajka Szabó)

Created and performed by: bodylotion co-dance / Virág Arany, Júlia Hadi
Music: Zsolt Sőrés
Light: Orsolya Pete
Photo: Luka Trajković

Supported by:
Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma, Nemzeti Kulturális Alap (, Műhely Alapítvány
Production Partner: Katlan Csoport

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Hear it? (2011)

After participating in Workshop Foundation’s improvisational laboratory called Research to the Unknown in 2010 bodylotion co-dance decided to elaborate their findings and come up with a full-length performance in collaboration with their partners from the programme. The two musicians (Miss Totti and Balázs Latorczai) were open to investigate some basic interactive systems between movement and sound and find new approach to their relation.
Hear it? is questioning and examining the perception of dance in society and different contexts with self reflection and humour.