The planned production is a program series of several stations which pops up at different urban spots. The main point of “Camouflage” is to communicate with the audience of a given spot by being integrated in the context, almost invisible. It disrupts the order of the everyday routine by flashing the possibility of a more playful, looser existence through small surprises and the subtle modification of everyday activities.

Arany and Hadi participate in the project as choreographer/director, composing the events for eight performers. The process of preparation and implementation is mentored by Petra Ardai, director of Space Theater.

The program series consists of three parts defined by three sites and topics. Each part requires a different approach in choreography and a different preparation method.

The programs of Camouflage instead of the aggressive gesture of astonishing and calling attention, connect to the environment by a gentle, patient and adaptive way. Each station provides an opportunity for the audience to connect through light-hearted and playful communication. Above audience building, the long—term purpose of the project is to approach, activate and involve people independently of their social origin, by the joy of movement.

FEAR NO MORE (2018) / In the framework of Be SpectACTive!
a debate performance investigating our common warrior history

With FEAR NO MORE we would like to create a playful, participative and educational event in order to find ways how to be ready and quick to act on an individual and group level through rediscovering and tracing our common warrior history. The most fitting form for this topic would be a lecture / debate performance. We would like to share a historical and cultural overview on conflict management, military strategies, assertion of interests as well as invent group games that are exercising, practice reactions to different forms of threat, crisis, catastrophes, global stress, zombies.

In the creation process we would like to research different studies on strategy, tactics, manipulation and consult/collaborate with life-coaches about practical tools of empowerment.

Following this research the second phase would be working with a closed group in a few days long workshop to experiment and try different possibilities outlined during the research period. The focus is to find innovative, interesting, new ways of activating the audience by offering a safe, open environment for participation. It is crucial for us to design both verbal and physical practices for the participants because it generates a deeper understanding and experience on individual and group level as well.
The outcome wishes to reflect on everyday conflicts and to respond to the continuous global uncertainty and anxiety generated by world politics/media. It also strives to ease the growing feeling of helplessness we experience as individuals as well as a community. We would like to create an imaginary space where people can playfully get a better understanding of their communication skills and get reassurance that their choices do matter and have impact.