bodylotion co-dance is an artistic partnership of Virág Arany (Berlin) and Júlia Hadi (Budapest). After graduating from Budapest Dance Academy, they created their first project in 2009 and have been working together ever since. They share interest in finding choreographic approaches that draw up philosophical dilemmas, as well as using the concept of limitation as a creative tool. They create modified micro-realities based on redefining movements of everyday life and using traditional, ritualistic forms of movement from different cultures as a starting point. They consider their duo to be both a form of collaboration and an artistic and aesthetic practice.

Virág Arany pursued both her BA and Master degrees at Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. During and after her studies she was involved in several international projects and worked with choreographers like Nigel Charnock, Eléonore Valere Lachky, Klári Pataky. In 2013 she moved to Berlin, where she studied at the HZT Inter-University for Dance Berlin and collaborated with independent artists like Canan Erek, Heike Hennig, Lyllie Rouvière.

Júlia Hadi graduated as a choreographer at Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy in 2011. Between 2009-2011 she was engaged at Hodworks as a dancer. Since 2011 she has been focusing on her creative work at bodylotion co-dance and teaching movement and composition for actors.